Why Should You Not Buy Dogs at Local Pet Stores?

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, why should you not purchase it from your local pet store? The conditions at pet stores are no better than those at puppy mills. While many stores keep their animal populations clean, they may be neglecting the welfare of their pets. This is not to say that all pet stores are completely unethical, but you should still be wary of those that claim to be “natural.”

While some pet stores may have adorable puppies for sale, you may be better off purchasing a shelter animal. These stores will often hold puppies for a limited time while they mature before they are sold. They may also offer discounted pricing on supplies you need. The sales associates may also be familiar with the breeds of dogs you’re interested in. Their experience can help you choose the perfect puppy for your family. You can even get a good idea of a dog’s personality by interacting with it in the store.

When buying a puppy at a pet store, you should always check for its health condition and ensure that it has a guarantee. Most reputable pet stores have a health guarantee that covers medical expenses for the puppy within a few days of purchase. Pet stores that do not offer a health guarantee might have a problem with the dog after you buy it. If you’re considering purchasing a puppy from a store, be sure to ask about their return policy.

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