Why Is NFL Football on Sunday?

Traditionally, NFL games are played on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 pm, with the exception of marquee games played on Mondays and Thursdays. Sunday afternoon games are only played in the American market, however, because the NFL has never aired a game on a Saturday. In the 1950s, the APFA aired most of its games on Sunday. In the 1960s, television networks were desperate for more Sunday programming. So, in order to gain more viewership, the NFL decided to move games from Friday to Saturday nights. At the time, college football was already too popular to compete with pro football.

The NFL is keen to keep college football alive. It’s their main source of new talent. Thus, the current system of Friday high school football, Saturday college football, and Sunday NFL matches works for everybody. In addition, the college fans and alumni are extremely loyal to their teams and the NFL. This arrangement makes the NFL more attractive to the college community. However, the NFL doesn’t want to lose college fans, which are fiercely loyal.

The Philadelphia Eagles are a playoff contender and can clinch a playoff spot with a win against the Dallas Cowboys. On the other hand, the Washington Redskins are barely in the playoff picture, with their loss to Dallas last week and a bench brawl during the game. Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford’s performance has been inconsistent and unimpressive this season. After throwing three interceptions against Minnesota in the last game, Stafford has posted a 46.8 passer rating and has fallen out of playoff contention.

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