Why Are Old Technologies More Reliable?

Why are old technologies more reliable? The answer might surprise you. Modern technology can make many old technologies seem outdated. For instance, a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk is only capable of storing around 1,44 megabytes. Nevertheless, they are still used in various industries today. What makes them reliable? Here are some reasons why. This article explains how they differ from modern technology. You might be surprised to know that some old technologies are more reliable than new ones.

Older technologies have a proven track record of reliability. For example, NASA craft have used decades-old computing systems, including Windows XP. Even businesses have long been using mainframes that are decades old. In contrast, the Tesla vehicle has experienced numerous dashboard errors, including crashes and a few serious safety issues. While it might be more reliable than a car with old-fashioned technology, the company has been unable to get a satisfactory level of reliability with its products.

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