When Is Mediation Beneficial?

If you are a party seeking to take action to resolve a dispute, depending on the nature of the conflict and if any prior agreement occurred between the parties, you will choose which method of dispute resolution to use. When a court makes mediation highly recommended, it will be an unwise decision for the parties not to attend it. Therefore, a Wisconsin divorce mediation attorney can help you resolve disputes between you and your partner.

When is mediation beneficial?

  • Greater Control. 

The mediation process increases and gives control to the parties over the decision. Each party negotiates their own agreement, and no settlement can be charged upon you. On the other hand, parties often experience dissatisfaction in court when they have little to no choice but to accept the decision made, which they may not be happy with. 

  • Reduced Costs. 

The cost is significantly reduced compared to those trying to settle the matter in court. Traditional litigation cost is highly unpredictable and very expensive.

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  • It is voluntary.

One of the principles of mediation is that participation is voluntary. The parties have their own decision if they wish to mediate the dispute, which means any party can withdraw at any time.

  • It is confidential. 

Unlike the traditional court proceedings, everything said in the mediation process is kept entirely confidential to the parties. 

  • Convenience. 

The mediation is arranged at a venue where each party has their own convenient room as well as a separate room for joint meetings. The Mediator listens to everyone’s point of view and talks to the parties privately or together to direct them toward a settlement. 

  • Support. 

Mediators are the person who is trained to work under challenging situations. They act as a neutral facilitator and supports both parties throughout the process. 

  • Preservation of Relationships. 

Preservation of relationships is a key benefit of mediation, whether it is a business or family dispute. It helps the participants to focus on effective communication with each other rather than attacking each other.

  • Faster outcome. 

An agreement reaches quicker than if pursued through courts because mediation is used early in a dispute.

Mediation will not be appropriate if issues like harm concerning your child, for example, allegations of physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc. Overall, mediation is highly effective in saving both money and time. Your attorney will guide you and the other party through the mediation process and keep it straightforward to expect the agreement to be accepted by both parties.

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