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What are the 7 main functions of management

Management is a process that uses various strategies to achieve organizational objectives. Its primary purpose is to determine the needs of the organization and then use different functions to attain them. The manager guides employees and connects them with resources to help them meet those objectives. Moreover, management helps the organization achieve its goals by identifying and achieving goals. The seven major functions of management are as follows: planning, organizing, budgeting, communicating, evaluating, and leading.


Planning is the first function of management. It helps the managers to identify the needs of the organization and how to maximize the company’s performance. This function is the first step in planning. The next step is the organizing function, which involves the process of bringing together the various resources. Then, the manager divides the resources according to the organizational goal. Then, the managing function, or controlling, follows the planning function.

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Organizing is the second function of management. The manager uses a plan to bring all resources together to achieve the organizational goals. To do so, the managers create different departments and mix them together to maximize the productivity of the different departments. Taking care of people is the last function of management. By doing this, the manager ensures that the business’ goals are met. This process of management is also vital for the success of an enterprise.


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