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what are the 7 functions of management

There are seven major functions of management. These functions have to be performed in a specific order to be effective. Some functions are performed simultaneously while others are sequential. However, they are all interrelated and must be performed in a certain order to be effective. The main goal of management is to achieve an organisation’s goals and use its resources efficiently. Each of these functions is important to an organization, and each one should be performed by a good manager.

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The planning stage of the managerial process involves assessing the purpose and defining the tasks. These activities need to be done in an organized manner. It requires a certain amount of analytical skills in order to evaluate historical data and current trends and to develop strategies that will benefit the organization in the future. Each function must be completed successfully in order for the company to achieve its goals. If these functions are not fulfilled, the organization will not be able to meet its goals.


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Planning is the first step in the managerial process. In this phase, the organization needs to assess the objectives and define the tasks. The managers should be able to evaluate the past and evaluate the present trends and develop strategies for the future. If these steps are completed successfully, then the managerial functions have been successful. If they are not, then they are not effective. If they are successful, the business will be able to reach its goals without any major setbacks.

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