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What are the 12 functions of management

What are the 12 functions of management? There is no one specific definition for management functions, and the list can vary from expert to expert. However, there are a few universally accepted functions, and these include planning, organizing, controlling, and motivating. Human resources, for example, are a vital aspect of any business, and proper management is essential to make sure that these resources are used properly. In addition, management also helps to reduce the cost of operating a business.

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The first function of management is planning. This involves constructively reviewing future needs and goals, which allows present actions to be adjusted to achieve the goal. Organizing is the process of establishing and maintaining an effective network of relationships among members of an organisation. The staffing function includes the activities of recruiting and training competent employees, and directing involves leading subordinates and communicating with them. The controlling function includes the evaluation of employee performance, making decision on promotions, and increments.


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The next function of management is controlling, which includes the activities of budgeting and reporting. All these functions complement each other, so that each one is important. A manager must be able to perform more than one function, and each of them must be complemented with the other. For example, if a manager is unable to effectively manage the other 11 functions, he will not be able to perform the other two effectively.

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