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The First Function Of Management Is Planning

In the process of developing a new organization, it is necessary to understand the 10 functions of management. According to Professor Haimann, they are all related and flow into one another. The purpose of these functions is to help employees meet the organisation’s objectives and create a winning team culture. To achieve these goals, employees must be motivated and committed to their work. These qualities will make it easier to implement change in an organisation. In addition, employees should be motivated to take risks and improve their performance.

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The first function of management is planning. The process involves deciding ahead of time what needs to be done, where it should be done, and who will do it. After planning, the other functions of management follow. It is important to remember that the first two functions involve the mental state of the manager. But the last two are equally important. The planning function determines the direction and course of the organization’s future. As a result, it is a fundamental managerial function.

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The second function of management is organizing. This is an integral part of the planning process. The organizing function brings together the resources necessary to achieve an organization’s objective.

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Usually, the goal of an organization is to increase sales. It is important to divide resources to make these sales. The organizing function is the next step in the managerial process. It uses a plan to guide and motivate employees. It is also important to set priorities and communicate progress.

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