Signs You Should Not Overlook in an Emotionally Abusive Wife

When we use the word abusive, it is generally assumed that it is the male in the relationship. While the cases of men being abusive are more, women are also a part of emotionally abusive behavior. 

Being a man, you have your own struggle to deal with an abusive relationship. First, very few people will believe you for what you are saying. Seeking support from your family and friends might result in the opposite reaction.

If you think your wife might be turning into an emotionally abusive person, contact a divorce lawyer in Newburyport immediately to take the required actions and try to get out of the marriage as soon as possible. 

Nevertheless, below are some signs by which you can identify the emotionally abusive behavior of your wife.

  • Gaslighting

Gaslighting is typically a manipulation to make the other person belive that their thinking in a particular way is not every day, and they might be turning insane. An abusive wife will often tell you that you are crazy for thinking something and that it is all in your head. 

This might make you think that you are the one at fault and you should correct yourself instead of confronting your wife. Emotionally abusive wives often turn the conversation into a blame game, perplexing you. 

  • Does not handle criticism 

You wif cannot handle constructive criticism. She cannot positively take the feedback if you try to suggest something for her benefit. Everything you say to her will make her feel insulted or attacked. 

On the contrary, she will always be ready to criticize you; however, when you revert, she will backfire on you in an insulting and disrespectful way. 

  • Does not take accountability

You might see your wife blaming everyone else and never taking responsibility for her actions. She takes no accountability for what she has done and never admits her fault. In fact, in every situation, she will find someone who’s to blame, but that will never be her. 

If you point out her mistake, she will figure out a way to put the entire blame on you. Notice your wife’s behavior and mark if she never apologizes for her mistakes. If you see a pattern, you may be in an abusive relationship. 

  • Jealousy 

An emotionally abusive wife will usually show jealousy. She will get upset if she sees you talking to someone opposite gender without knowing the whole story. 

There is a difference between normal jealousy and this type of jealousy. If your wife is emotionally abusive, she will get jealous even if you give your children or parents more time.

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