Guide to Combining Redfinger and Honkai Star on the Rail Lineup

For those who are playing Honkai Star Rail and do not want to spend lots of money to get powerful characters, it is necessary to understand proper lineup combination tactics to win. This is a difficult undertaking for new players. As such, Redfinger Android emulator platform has prepared a lineup combination guide to help.

A Guide to Assembling the Honkai Star Rail – Himeko Team

Himeko is great at dealing large amounts of damage to one enemy and has remarkable speed, but she is not very durable. Thus, it is essential to have a teammate who can make up for her lack of survivability. To put it another way, this teammate should make it possible for her to take control of the situation using her skills. The solution lies in raising the speed enhancement and amplification effects to turn the tides. While each character has some speed, it is not enough. It is best to team Himeko with a character that can give her an acceleration effect. Additionally, it might be necessary to bring a character that has the potential to increase energy to make sure that the amplification state is entered.

When it comes to forming a team, Isadora and Bronya make good choices. Bronya is the ideal pick, being able to give debuffs, unleash damage bursts, and possess strong attack capabilities. Isadora can be seen as a viable substitute, supplying overall attacking power and fracture abilities. Pela or Silver Wolf can be selected for support to attain admirable results and optimize output. For the purpose of providing an energy boost, Tingyun is a great pick as their ultimate skill can raise energy which is vital for the team.

Players who are looking for defensive characters have an array of options including Jepord, Bai Lu, and March 7th. Those who are not prepared to spend many resources can invest in Natasha, who has an affordable cost and can take away debuffs, making it a favorite for casual gamers. To counter opponents that deal a great deal of damage in the early game, selecting a character like the protagonist Black Tower is a good idea as they can quickly deplete enemy HP with their AOE damage. This not only reduces the damage inflicted but can also activate Himeko’s skills which can cause severe harm.

Combination Guide for Honkai Star Rail’s Serval Lineup

Serval has the lightning attribute, which can cause specific damage to her opponents. When she uses her abilities, she enters a spread attack stance, raising the chances of making the enemy suffer from electrocution. Her ultimate power deals total lightning damage for two rounds. Her special move permits her to concentrate her attack on a single target and has a potential of electrocuting the enemy. Getting Serval is quite easy, particularly in the initial levels where lightning characters can take advantage of the vulnerabilities of certain adversaries. She is proficient at quickly getting rid of enemies and helping to protect our party from harm.

Serval’s performance is passable, but it doesn’t measure up to the other characters. For those looking to train a new character, there are plenty of options such as the protagonist Black Tower. These more approachable characters are easier to develop than Serval. To get the best results, it is recommended to use her in conjunction with Kafka. She is the only character with the electrocution effect on enemies, but without the synergy with Kafka, her power may be limited. It is suggested to experiment with other characters before taking on Serval. Despite the job market being tumultuous in both China and Japan, Serval’s performance is nominal. It may take the pairing with Kafka to bring about a difference. However, there has been no testing conducted as of yet, and the support of other characters is still unclear.

When it comes to Serval, she is mainly used for her ability to cause group-wide damage with a focus on electrocution. While her output is consistent, her burst damage is not as great. Unless you are specifically looking to gain XP, she should not be your first choice for a main carry. She is still a viable option when part of Kafka’s team, and is often used early in the game. However, it is advised to switch to a different main carry at around level 24, as this is the best option considering her disadvantages.

A Guide to Combining the Characters in Honkai Star Rail’s Asta Lineup

The power of fire and the fate of knowledge are both embodied in Asta. Her default attack causes fiery destruction to a single target. Her skill does damage to the chosen target and any close by enemies, making it a multi-target ability. Her ultimate attack launches an intense fire that harms all adversaries and rewards her with an extra energy boost if she eliminates them, turning it into a formidable attack for large groups.

She has a natural aptitude that causes her to build up power at the beginning of a conflict or when attacking an enemy’s weak spot. When her charge reaches its limit and her companions start an attack, it is quickly utilized, prompting an additional collective assault. Her special technique summons a field before her, increasing the probability of inflicting amplified damage to her opponents.

If your team is focused on quickly taking out opponents, Asta is a great choice for dealing damage as a DPS character. Along with two characters who have area-effect abilities and a healer, you can easily triumph in material gathering, instrument-playing, and dungeon-crawling. For instance, Asta pairs well with Black Tower, Serval, and Natasha.

In a squad emphasizing flame harm, Asta alongside Harmony and Abundance or Protection, and either Hoke or Store, might be a viable choice. This selection will bring a 20% damage boost to foes due to the burn buffs provided by both Asta and Hoke.

You can put together a chase team comprised of Clara, Tingyun, Asta, and either Abundance or Protection. This formation allows Asta to take on the sub-carry role and Clara to bring a powerful counter-attack ability. This setup maximizes the potential for breaking shields, making it easier to activate Asta’s chase effect.

In the early stages of your game, Asta can be paired with either Harmony or Emptiness, Destruction or Hunt, and Abundance or Protection. But if you’ve already got Jingyuan, then it’s not essential to prioritize Asta’s development. Still, if Asta’s not an option, she can fill a role as a secondary carry in your team setup.

Summing Up

Turn-based gameplay is the focus of Honkai Star Rail, and the key to success is choosing the right lineup. This is true for both free players and those who pay to play. Mastering the strategies of lineup selection can make paid players a difficult adversary to those who don’t pay.

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