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WebMusic is a community-driven music website where fans can share and discover new music. This website has an extensive library that grows as more users contribute new submissions. This platform is ideal for independent musicians, bands, and other creative types. Its user-generated content allows you to share known and unknown music, and you can even review other users’ submissions.

Webmusic services have exploded in popularity over the past few years. They have become the fastest growing form of listening to music on the internet, and major labels have jumped on board. In fact, the Recording Industry Association of America reported that digital music sales increased by 14% in 2012, topping $4 billion. Streaming services are also helping to drive this growth, and they are starting to capture the attention of the music industry.

Thousands of people are already using webmusic to discover new music. In January, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with the founders of Beats Electronics and Jimmy Iovine, who created the company. The company announced in January that it would offer a subscription service called Project Daisy. YouTube is also expanding its presence in the Web music world. It is a huge music discovery tool and has now created a virtual locker system where users can store their songs.

Hungama is another site with a large library of free music. It is an online platform with over 3.5 million songs. This platform offers both the latest and oldest songs from around the world. It also offers a rewards program for sharing music.

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