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Car Games to Play With Your Kids

When moving, there are many fun car games to play with your kids. Whether you have a new home or an area to explore, car games for kids are a great way to spend quality time together. Here are some ideas:

Guess the thing: Name a certain item or think of a certain person and state it to your passengers. They must then guess the person, place, or thing by answering questions that begin with the same letter. In the middle of this game, players take turns saying what they think it is and trying to guess it. The question can be yes, no, or even numbers or colours. This game will get silly fast, so be sure to plan ahead to ensure your passengers’ amusement.

I Spy: Another easy game to play with your passengers is I Spy. Try to spot things that begin with each letter of the alphabet. The first person to guess every item gets to pick the next one. This will keep them entertained while you’re driving for hours. Alternatively, you can try finding things that begin with the letter you’re trying to guess. There are countless other games to play in the car with your kids.

Scratching art: Scratching can be great fun for little ones, but you have to be careful – it leaves a mess that you need to clean up! Scratching can be best for kids at about 5 years and older. Wikki Stix is another great car game for young children. It’s great for little hands, and is recommended for ages three and up. The fun factor in car games for kids is endless!

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