Are Tech Companies Really Concerned About the Gender Gap?

Are tech companies really concerned about the gender gap? Despite this alarming trend, they often fail to report on their workforce diversity. While a small number of tech companies do report, they do not share details on the number of women and other social identities in their workforce. This makes it difficult to measure how well representation is improving at their companies. Additionally, because of the differential effects of the pandemic on tech companies, diversity efforts may be more difficult to measure and track than they otherwise would be.

While many companies express a desire to hire and promote underrepresented groups, few actually do this. As a result, less than 0.1 percent of tech companies’ philanthropic giving in 2017 was directed towards underrepresented minority communities. Several companies do sponsor programs that help women of color gain access to technology and break down barriers, but the low percentage of underrepresented minority employees is unlikely to change any time soon.

Increasing the percentage of women in technology and STEM fields will not only improve the safety of our world, but it will also give tech companies a competitive advantage by bringing diversity to the table. A key barrier to female representation is education. Men have traditionally pursued STEM degrees more often than women. More than half of all bachelor’s degrees in the U.S. are earned by men, and less than 20% of women go on to pursue a STEM degree.

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