A High Asset Divorce Mediation: Potential Benefits

Divorce is imminent, but you’re not sure what will happen to your assets. Whether you expect a significant altercation, it’s crucial to be ready for anything that can happen. When negotiating an asset division, the more money you have, the more is on the line. More and more couples realize the value and effectiveness of mediation as a divorce tool.

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Make sure your privacy is protected.

The anonymity of mediation is one of its biggest advantages. If you and your partner have significant wealth, your union may have public interest. Mediation offers a private and discreet solution if you don’t want the details of your court case to become rumor fodder. It is not a public record of what is discussed during mediation.

It is possible to save both time and money.

Mediation typically saves time and money for many couples. Both parties can often afford to drag out divorce for months or even years when significant assets are at issue. It often leads to a settlement identical to what you would have reached in mediation and is to neither party’s advantage. You can use mediation to try your best to get a just and amicable settlement. You still have the option to file for divorce in court if you can’t agree.

Keep Control of the Situation

You certainly want to preserve control over what happens to your possessions because you’ve worked hard to accumulate them. You lose much of that power if your divorce is litigated in court. The judge will make the final determinations regarding your divorce settlement, and they may or may not choose a course that pleases both of you.

You may get even less than you bargained for. You do not have to agree to anything that doesn’t suit you because mediation is not legally binding. The order is not enforceable before being written and submitted to the court.

Keeping Your Co-Parenting Relationship Safe

The biggest advantage of mediation, according to many, is this. You will continue to be involved in each other’s life for many years if you and your ex-partner have children. Your relationship could be destroyed, and good co-parenting would be next to impossible in the event of an expensive and protracted legal battle.

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