How to Buy a Rainjacket: Types of Rain Jackets You Can Choose From.

A raincoat is a waterproof coat worn to safeguard the body from rain. A high-quality rain jacket is necessary for the rainy season since it protects you from adverse weather conditions. People who spend much time outdoors should wear these jackets to keep their skin and clothes dry.

Rain jackets are available in different types, all offering different protection levels. It is advisable to be more familiar with these different options to make a more informed decision. Below we discuss how to buy a rain jacket.

Types of Rain Jackets

The most common types of rain jackets include;

  • Breathable raincoats– these coats can be waterproof, and their name suggests they do not hold body heat. This fabric makes you cool while offering substantial protection from the rain.
  • Waterrepellent raincoats– are durable and have a unique finish that makes them stand out from the rest.
  • Waterresistant coats- keep you dry for a limited time. However, these jackets soak water in heavy rain, making you wet.

Top Raincoat Features

Raincoats have different features that keep their users warm and safe from the rain. They are made using synthetic and chemically-treated fabrics that resist and repel water. These coats are mainly made using zippers that provide tight protection from the rain. These zippers are also coated to make them more resistant to water.

Rain jackets can be heavy or lightweight depending on their style and design; some are insulated to provide extra warmth. Most raincoats are yellow to make you more visible in the dark.

What to Consider When Buying a Raincoat

The top factors to consider when buying women’s rain jacket include;

1. Breathability

Undoubtedly, breathability is one of the most important things to consider when buying a raincoat. Pit pockets and zips are ideal since they enable manufacturers to include more venting. A fortified and heavy shell keeps precipitation out but makes the user sweat more.

Raincoats are also more durable due to their additional pockets and heavier shells.

2. Pockets and Zips

The zipping on a raincoat determines how waterproof it is. These coats are made using the premium zipper technology that eliminates the need for a PU coating, and the jacket’s cost increases.

Decent raincoats have many pockets that enable you to store different things during the day.

3. Price

Spending extra cash on a raincoat with high-quality fabrics is worth it, especially if you spend much time in damp areas. However, most cheap coats can also keep you cozy and dry.

Types of Weather Shells

Knowing the following weather shells will enable you to decide better when buying a raincoat.

  • Hardshell- fabrics used in these shells are stiffer and not insulated. This means users acquire warmth from a mid-layer and an underlying base layer.
  • Hybrid shell- this term is applied in various constructions. They are more breathable and have a pocket-friendly price.

Final Thoughts

Raincoats are essential since they keep us dry and warm during the rainy season. The above article has discussed everything you need to know about them, and you can reach out for more information.

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