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functions of management

The five functions of management are those of planning, organizing, commanding, and coordinating. The first two require a leader to energize employees and inspire them to perform at their highest levels. The leading function includes persuasive communication and influence, while the staffing function involves selecting and recruiting employees for departments and teams. The controlling function involves evaluating performance, taking action, and setting standards. It is important to remember that the five functions of management are closely related, as one cannot successfully perform all of them on their own.

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The final function is controlling. In a management, controlling involves measuring actual performance against planned performance and suggesting corrective actions. It ensures the achievement of organizational objectives, and is performed by all managers at all levels. All performance measurements and follow-up actions are part of the controlling function. If a business does not accomplish its goals, it will not succeed. It is therefore important to consider all five functions and their relationship to one another.


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The first two functions are crucial. The planning stage sets the pace for subsequent steps of the managerial process. It involves a series of pre-defined steps. It also evaluates strategies and methods to avoid mistakes. This process involves considering both internal and external factors. The fifth and final function is controlling. All of the functions work in tandem to make sure that the business is achieving its goals. The following sections provide more detail about each of these five functions.

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